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Review of '1000 Reasons Why' by Kristina Mondo of Radio Airplay


Older and wiser in years in both age and music, singer/songwriter Jake Hanney is a pop music wonder kid and prodigy who has a penchant and appreciation for creating music that’s a modernized version of the music of the ’70s and ’80s and influenced and inspired by bands like ABBA and The Bee Gees while creating something all his own with wonder and musical prowess it's an interesting and diverse sound. The sound is one that would appeal to fans of the '70s and '80s and disco music who prefer an updated modern flair.

Hanney's vocals are impressive especially due to his age and as a newcomer on the scene. His voice has a great tone, intonation, and wonderful control over his voice, there's a bit of an 80's sound to it. The song is reminiscent of sounds of the Beatles, Dexys Midnight Runners, filled with breezy, contemporary sounds, featuring drums, keyboards, and tambourine, for a foot-tapping and light-hearted tune. A multi-instrumentalist, you can certainly hear his passion for songwriting and the influences his favorite music has had on his own creations. It's a quirky, fun song with flair.

For Fans of the '70s and '80's music, synth-beats, pop, and disco music

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Review of Your Best Shot by Steven Azami, Radio Air Play.

"Your Best Shot" is the latest release from pop music wunderkid Jake Hanney. Displaying a musical prowess well beyond his fourteen years, Hanney wrote, produced, and played every instrument on this, his fourth official single.


Featuring a sound that's akin to 70s pop acts like Abba and Wings, "Your Best Shot" takes the listener on a blissful journey backwards through time, to an era when pop rock music was the undisputed king of the airwaves.


Hanney's affection for the genre is evidenced by the strong melodic sense, toe tapping disco groove, and gorgeous string arrangement present in "Your Best Shot", making this an easy recommendation for fans of pop rock.


Look for Jake Hanney's third full length album, tentatively scheduled for release in early 2022.


This review is from Atomic Music Australia! of the song, My Friend, taken from the most recent Jake Hanney album, Hard Work.

'My Friend' is one of the most promising resurrections of British-Invasion pop to come out of Drouin Victoria and land on the Atomic platform.  Jake Hanney Music also happens to be an artist from the younger end of the spectrum to grace the air-waves of Atomic digital radio. Jake expresses a mastery over his vocal intonation that borders on phantasmagorical. Dipping and weaving between one key and another in a single note. His prowess on guitar matches his sensational vocal effects with ease. Definitely a recommendation to tune-in and listen to this promising young artist.

Jake's Album, Hard Work, is available for purchase

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