Congratulations to Jake on reaching the sem-finals of both the Voyager's International Songwriting Competition, 2020 and the Fast Track Talent's Live and On-line Competition (Performance)


'My Friend' is one of the most promising resurrections of British-Invasion pop to come out of Drouin Victoria and land on the Atomic platform.  Jake Hanney Music also happens to be an artist from the younger end of the spectrum to grace the air-waves of Atomic digital radio. Jake expresses a mastery over his vocal intonation that borders on phantasmagorical. Dipping and weaving between one key and another in a single note. His prowess on guitar matches his sensational vocal effects with ease. Definitely a recommendation to tune-in and listen to this promising young artist.

This review is from Atomic Music Australia! of the song, My Friend, taken from the most recent Jake Hanney album, Hard Work.

Jake's new Album, Hard Work, is now available for purchase

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Review of, 'I Give a Rose to You', by Mike Brady, of 'Up There Cazaly' fame.


"It’s got a lovely innocent feel to it and the vocals are in the right ‘space’. It reminds me of some of the old 60’s ballads which came out of the UK in those days.



Jake's new Single, I Give a Rose to You, is now available for purchase

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