Really impressive Jake! All of the songs compliment each other really well to create a really interesting and diverse sound for the whole album. I especially loved Ukulele Lady, Captain Doggo, It Was Only Yesterday and Where Love Goes - which sounds like the obvious single to me, very catchy!  Alicia
Ukulele Lady:  I love this one. So many good ideas in it. Truly original       Liam F

A 12 year old who writes his own music and lyrics, plays most of the instruments on his songs, arranges his songs, produces them.... I think we should give him all the support we can.    Mark H

Well done mate, you're killing it.
Wow cool as , I’ve heard you sing this. Ur sister tops it off , get her to sing more often with you !                                      Melissa H
I enjoy listening to his voice every day while driving! I love “I Know” and “ Kangaroo “ most.      M.P.
Where Love Goes: great cadence (chromatic?) / descending chord sequence for not only the intro but the interlude or interface between verses/sections. Like this one - it has the most contemporary sound/feel of them all. The drum stab/ punch in the middle is a nice touch, too. Good pace. Of course, overall the album has variety, from quirky storytelling. (Capt. Doggo...); sweet and sincere in Loverbird. More impressive than that one was the heart-rending "Now She's Gone". The sincere rendering of Mark's poem ("It was only yesterday") impressed, and was notable for that extra talent of relating to concepts experienced by another person older than himself (older than Jake). The opening track (Sympathy) was gallopy and at times lyrics were strung out too fast for clarity... Yet wow, what an interesting middle 8(?): very poetical notion about a different sand. But for overall sound, production quality, structure, musical content, etc. I choose "Where love goes".   Gerard L

He continues to grow in stature both as a musician and an entertainer. He just keeps getting better and better. Absolute talent. Love it!. 

Upcoming single: All can be summed up in one short sentence A perfect blend of lyrics and music. Wow! Magnificent. Congratulations Jake

                                             Roman (journalist)

My three young children like to listen to the songs (cd). Jake, you inspire them.  Yan R

I haven't listened over and over again which normally gets a song in your head, but every bloody morning lately I'm singing this song in the shower....he's got gift that boy.

All the changes and different parts are so original and creative. I love the melodies. I don't think there's a kid in the world who is this creative. Got a thumbs up by me. 


  Peter (Musician)

Jake has done some awesome work putting it together!


So far have only listened to 3 songs. It was only Yesterday made me emotional as the lyrics rang true from my experience working in aged care and with many people I know. I’m teary. Very mature concepts in this song. Impressive. Also takes significant talent to sing and play an instrument at the same time. Back up vocals by sis are beautiful. What a talented family. How lucky are we that you’re a Gippy guy? Very, very lucky, I reckon.
Ukukele Lady is absolutely wonderful. Extremely different. That’s some serious talent there. To be able to perform such an unusual piece takes quite an accomplished musician.
Where Love Goes. Whoa! You’re blowing me away! The song, the voice, the instrumental talent, the video production, all of it, you have such a bright future ahead of you.
Claire G