Review of song, My Friend, by Atomic Music Australia


My Friend' is one of the most promising resurrections of British-Invasion pop to come out of Drouin Victoria and land on the Atomic platform.  Jake Hanney Music also happens to be an artist from the younger end of the spectrum to grace the air-waves of Atomic digital radio. Jake expresses a mastery over his vocal intonation that borders on phantasmagorical. Dipping and weaving between one key and another in a single note. His prowess on guitar matches his sensational vocal effects with ease. Definitely a recommendation to tune-in and listen to this promising young artist.

A Review of Hard Work
Just finished listening to the album. Hard Work reminds me of a song I love by The Smithereens called “If You Want The Sun To Shine”. Very Beatley! Good stuff. I think I liked “It’s Ok” and “My Friend” the best. In fact one of the first songs I ever wrote was also called “My Friend “. Overall I reckon you’ve come a long way since your first album. You’re getting better all the time, young man. Well done.

I like your music. I like that you have developed the taste, for good music each and every time. No flops I've seen. OK? You're chill dude.

My Friend:

Third track from Jake's second album, Hard Work:

One of my faves. Particularly, the almost Jethro Tull-like guitar interlude🔥 that then thrusts the music into a meatier sound in the last verse etc. Sorry, Jake, if this sounds like iin writing yet another review. 


Review of Jake Hanney by Radio 3MDR 97.1 FM   


Keep an eye out on Jake Hanney Music and his website. Big things coming in the future from this very gifted and dedicated 14 year old multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter who was a semifinalist in Voyager's International Songwriting Competion in 2020.

With a passion for songwriting and arranging his latest album 'Hard Work' has a hint of Beatles influenced tone and colour and is a great listen. You can check out more of his music at and keep an eye out for his upcoming latest release 'Your Best Shot" heard first here on 3MDR which is what we aim to do here each week folks supporting as a priority, Australian Music and Australian Artists.

A review of Jake's album, Hard Work, by Peter Sullivan, an icon in the Australian Music Industry.


What a fantastic effort by someone so young to write, perform engineer and produce his own album [in fact his second album]. Congratulations Jake. So I am going to review each track, and here goes!


Track 1:  Hard Work:   Good song, infectious rhythm and strongly structured. Lots of harmonies. Good sound.


Track 2:  It’s Okay:  Strong melodically and a good chord progression. Like the middle whispers. Very catchy.


Track 3:  My Friend: Like this one a lot. Reminds of Brian Wilson. Nice lead break. Big production and feels good.


Track 4: In Your Heart  (Remember Me):  Very catchy. I like the intro. Vocals good. Strong song.


Track 5:   Urban Spaceman:  Punchy rhythm, folky feel and very catchy. Good texture and sticks in your head.


Track 6: Lonely Dog:  Really good song. Punchy tune, lyrics and arrangement. Tells a good story as well.


Track 7: I Give a Rose to You:   Very interesting song. Perhaps Beatles style. This one stands out.


Track 8:   Jumping Flea:  Folky feel, good tune, good to hear some strings. Like the earthy harmonies. Track builds well.


Track 9:  Coming Home:  Strong melody, strong chord progression. Good arrangement and tune builds well.


Track 10:   December ’63  (Oh What a Night):  Good rocky feel. Good version of classic tune. Punchy too.



Track 11:  Feel Alright: Slower ballad, again a really good melody. Good, strong lyrics and good phased strings.


Track 12:  Outro:   A great way to finish the album. Big, bold and brassy!!!


I’m very impressed with Jake’s musicality and his determination and talent. Best of luck with your musical journey.     

                                                   Peter Sullivan                         

Ukulele Lady:  I love this one. So many good ideas in it. Truly original       Liam F
My three young children like to listen to the songs (cd). Jake, you inspire them.  Yan R

A review of Jake's album, Hard Work,

by Gerard Lewis-Fitzgerald


Review Overall, as an album, this is a real step up from your first. 

"Hard Work" - the footsteps through gravel made me think more of the guy in boots about to get stuck into work than the dressed-up Bryan Ferry and his footsteps on a finer quartz driveway heading towards his car as you would hear in the opening of Roxy Music's "Love is the Drug". 

But there are those repeated four or so chords which both plunged me into the cloudy, dreamy psychedelic 60s music era as well as providing a feeling of persistence, keeping at it, no matter what (ie. hard work) Dynamics are very good. The broad sweeping interlude and the bright, slightly distorted guitar bleeding out those notes that seem to be searching for relief. 

"It's Okay" : as the song opens, I thought, this is a nice differentiation from the previous track. I particularly liked the central section where it pulls back to become starker, but presented in a reassuring and consoling voice. The melody, after that reprises, then - the big surprise - the descending, dramatic cadence (which provoked in me a 'where's he going with this?' reaction) that seemed to be at odds with the message of "it's okay"... until the gentle outcome of that melodious final chord. 

"My Friend" :  again, this song makes more use of contrasting sounds. At times a zithery 60s sound (like the more wistful songs of The Zombies). A lovely lyric about devoted friendship. But, for me, the real surprise, the interspersing of a bristling guitar underscored by deep cavernous keyboard treatment, which was reminiscent of earlier Moody Blues

"In your heart" :  A nice mood. Less inspiring for me personally than the other tracks. Maybe a bit less controlled/ messier, instrumentally. Perhaps a different treatment - it could invest more in the burgeoning Jamaican sound possibilities that I believe I perceive. (Did I also briefly hear cicada or cricket sound effects?) 

"Urban Spaceman" :  really nice cover. I can sense your love of the song in your version. Its plucky, jaunty, self-mocking exuberance - play more on that aspect. 

"Lonely Dog":  You have a sweet love of animals. (Animal themes arose in your début album.) Not a favourite. But, kids would love it. It would sit well as a Wiggles-type song where kids would easily join in on the repeated 'do-do-do's. As I'd anticipated, you do actually throw in an "Everybody join in" somewhere.

"I give a rose to you" :  A beautiful, sincere sentiment and a nicely constructed and developed story to hinge on. Sensitive, and not overdone or pushed. Like the repeated last line. What did you have in mind with the 'George Martin'-type treatment of backwards guitar and vocals at the end? (Not sure I dug this bit.) 

"Jumping Flea" = my favourite!! :  great intro, the hook was immediate. Melody, tick. Soul sound in a particular part. Tick. Injection of wit, tick! So multilayered. I'm telling you, Jake, I believe that if you ever take the time to listen to the repertoire of a successful band of that era, The Kinks, you'll probably find, as I did, the broadly ranging themes and moods of their songs. This, honestly, could have stood up proudly as a Kinks song! Ask your dad about that. Just saying…

Coming home" : Another very good track. An important theme, which today is expressed as post-traumatic syndrome. War has devastating mental effects. I like the music. Have you ever listened to Russell Morris' "Rachel's coming home"? YouTube search it. 

"Oh, what a night!" :  good enough cover. The combined vocals could have had more strength / conviction. Not an easy one to sing, I wouldn't think. 

"Feel alright":  not a favourite in the main body of the song, but love the outro, it's experimental aspect. I hesitate to ask, but I will…inspired by (yet definitely NOT a rip-off) "A Day in the Life" outro? Love the sudden crescendo then the resolution into the same main verse chords as "Hard work". Brilliant touch! Brings the whole creation back home. Well done throughout, bro!!

Well done mate, you're killing it.      Ethan
Wow cool as , I’ve heard you sing this. Ur sister tops it off , get her to sing more often with you !                                      Melissa H
I enjoy listening to his voice every day while driving! I love “I Know” and “ Kangaroo “ most.      M.P.

Well done Jake you have a unique whimsical sound                             Brittle Sun

Really impressive Jake! All of the songs compliment each other really well to create a really interesting and diverse sound for the whole album. I especially loved Ukulele Lady, Captain Doggo, It Was Only Yesterday and Where Love Goes - which sounds like the obvious single to me, very catchy!  Alicia
So far have only listened to 3 songs. It was only Yesterday made me emotional as the lyrics rang true from my experience working in aged care and with many people I know. I’m teary. Very mature concepts in this song. Impressive. Also takes significant talent to sing and play an instrument at the same time. Back up vocals by sis are beautiful. What a talented family. How lucky are we that you’re a Gippy guy? Very, very lucky, I reckon.
Ukukele Lady is absolutely wonderful. Extremely different. That’s some serious talent there. To be able to perform such an unusual piece takes quite an accomplished musician.
Where Love Goes. Whoa! You’re blowing me away! The song, the voice, the instrumental talent, the video production, all of it, you have such a bright future ahead of you.
Claire G

He continues to grow in stature both as a musician and an entertainer. He just keeps getting better and better. Absolute talent. Love it!. 

Upcoming single: All can be summed up in one short sentence A perfect blend of lyrics and music. Wow! Magnificent. Congratulations Jake

                     Roman (journalist)

Wow, covers, original albums, live gigs, he'll be a star in the end surely    Peter

A 12 year old who writes his own music and lyrics, plays most of the instruments on his songs, arranges his songs, produces them.... I think we should give him all the support we can.    Mark H

I haven't listened over and over again which normally gets a song in your head, but every bloody morning lately I'm singing this song in the shower....he's got gift that boy.

All the changes and different parts are so original and creative. I love the melodies. I don't think there's a kid in the world who is this creative. Got a thumbs up by me. 


  Peter (Musician)

He's an amazing musician


Jake has done some awesome work putting it together!


He has great talent. More please                Zaida

Hi Jake, you have so many talents go! show to the world not only in Australia, your hometown ,but around the world.        Linda

Where Love Goes: great cadence (chromatic?) / descending chord sequence for not only the intro but the interlude or interface between verses/sections. Like this one - it has the most contemporary sound/feel of them all. The drum stab/ punch in the middle is a nice touch, too. Good pace. Of course, overall the album has variety, from quirky storytelling. (Capt. Doggo...); sweet and sincere in Loverbird. More impressive than that one was the heart-rending "Now She's Gone". The sincere rendering of Mark's poem ("It was only yesterday") impressed, and was notable for that extra talent of relating to concepts experienced by another person older than himself (older than Jake). The opening track (Sympathy) was gallopy and at times lyrics were strung out too fast for clarity... Yet wow, what an interesting middle 8(?): very poetical notion about a different sand. But for overall sound, production quality, structure, musical content, etc. I choose "Where love goes".   Gerard L