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Jake Hanney

Gig details

The sound of the 60's/70's
covers and originals

The Beatles, Bee Gees, ABBA, Elvis, The Temptations, The Beach Boys, Frankie Valli, Suzi Quatro, Chris Norman, The Buggles, Don McLean, Ol’ 55, The Monkees, Ted Mulry Gang, The Archies….. and of course Jake’s Original Music with that 60’s/70’s vibe.

Jake Hanney is available for booking. Everything from weddings, birthdays corporate functions, club events, pubs, restaurants, birthday parties, and more.

Jake plays bass, guitar and piano/keyboard and is accompanied by a backing track and his sister/s.

Prices vary depending upon the event, the place, the number of performers, the hours etc. After initial inquiry, management will negotiate

a price for your event.

As an indicator, there are three ways of determining an event costing. We set these out below.

 Booking Details

  • As a rule of thumb,  up to two hours is required to set up and one hour to pack.

  • Set is chosen from tracks on this website.


  • Up to two additional tracks may by chosen [same genre], with four weeks notice required. (at no additional cost)


  • Power is required.


  • If outdoors, a suitable weather covering is required.


  • 50% deposit required at time of booking 

  • Full payment required on day/night of event

  • Minimum two hour gig [including one 20 minute break]

              Event Costing

For clubs, restaurants, pubs, parties etc.


Flat Hourly Rate

Flat Hourly Rate

Per-song Rate

For weddings, corporate events etc.

$200 per musician for first hour: $50 per musician for each additional hour. $100 per backing singer/vocalist for first hour: $30 per backing singer/vocalist for each additional hour. [minimum two hours]

Two hour gig [including a 20 minute break]  $500

Additional hours $100/hour [up to a further two hours - including required breaks].

The first 20 songs are $20 each. After which, additional songs are $10 each [maximum two hours]

Set fee of between $800 - $1600, depending upon a number of negotiable elements.

Set Rate

     Tracks - Sets

My Girl                                                              The Temptations

Don’t Let Me Down                                    The Beatles

Looking for an Echo                                 Ol’ 55

Jump in My Car                                          Ted Mulry Gang

Everytime                                                      Jake Hanney

Then I kissed Her                                       The Beach Boys              
Don’t Let Me Down                                    The Beatles

Vincent                                                            Don McLean

Stayin’ Alive                                                  The Bee Gees

I’ll Always Love You                                  Jake Hanney

Hound Dog                                                    Elvis Presley

Dancing Queen                                         ABBA

Can’t Take my Eyes off of You          Frankie Valli & The Four                                                                                               Seasons


Stumbling In                                                     Suzi Q/Chris Norman      *This Christmas Day                                   Jake Hanney

Video Killed the Radio Star                      The Buggles

Can’t Help Falling in Love                         Elvis Presley

2031                                                                        Jake Hanney

Daydream Believer                                     The Monkeys

Penny Lane                                                       The Beatles

*Santa Clause is Coming to Town     Traditional

Sugar, Sugar                                                    The Archies

Tell Me Why                                                      The Beatles

*Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer       Traditional

Bad to Me                                                           Billy J. Kramer

All My Loving                                                    The Beatles

*Jingle Bell Rock                                            Bobby Helms

The tracks above are regularly being upgraded [new tracks being added]. If you have any suggested tracks (with-in the genre) please go to 'Contact' tab with your suggestions. Also, it must be noted, that not all the tracks above are available if Jake only is engaged by you.

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